Friday, November 9, 2012

The Eavesdropper

There are a lot of women who work for SAT TV.  Someone once told me that when there are more women working someplace than men it means the pay is too low because women will accept pay that is lower than men will.  I have to say after working here that I believe this statement must be true.

Today at work I was making photocopies.  I'm still on crutches so I'm slow.  I had finished making my copies but was sorting them into piles and was about to get back to my desk when I heard voices just outside the copy room.  It was Sharon and Peg, two of my co-workers.

"They say SAT TV is doing poorly compared to competitors," Sharon was saying.

"Like how poorly?"

"Very poorly.  I wouldn't be surprised if there are job cuts."

Sharon works in accounting so I'm partial to believe her news had some truth in it.  Peg works as head of dispatching.

"Well, I hope it doesn't affect my department any," Peg said.

"No, no way.  This company will always need technicians.  No, rumor has it, the cuts would come from Dorothy's department.  They're nothing but uneducated clods anyway.  You know how much money the company would save by getting rid of most of them?  Why do they need territories?  Just take whatever call comes in, suck it up and work 12 hour days."

Peg agreed and they moved on.  I had been holding my breath.  I just moved.  I'm paying rent and a mortgage and a car payment and school and -- I forgot about my crutches and tried to walk -- and medical bills.  I need this job. 

I could feel the hairs all over my body stand on end.  What would I do if I lost my job?

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