Friday, December 28, 2012

Executive Assistant

First day of work at my new job.  I dressed up a bit, considering it was my first day and I'm an executive assistant now. 

Like at SAT TV, my desk is located near the boss, but unlike there I have my own little office and it sits off to the side of Burt's so my back is facing a wall not his office door.  I have privacy because no one comes that way unless they are going into Burt's office.

The former assistant is this little old lady.  She finally decided to give up working to spend time with her grandchildren.  For the next couple of weeks she'll be training me.  That's a lot better training than I got at my last job.  There, Dorothy sat with me for three hours, maybe less, and then I was on my own. 

All the people I met today were helpful and very nice.  I hope it wasn't all just an act.  I want to look forward to working here.

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