Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Pain, The Pain

I've had a persistent pain for days, on my right side.  I was convinced it was nothing but a pulled muscle but it continued.

This morning the pain was intense but I went to work anyway because I was afraid what would happen if I didn't.  But I was also concerned about this pain.  Some of the women at work had heard or saw I was in pain and stopped by to give me their diagnosis:  tumors, cysts, intestinal blockages, ectopic pregnancy.  No matter what their suggestion was I was dying.

At lunch, I promised Bill to see the doctor if the pain persisted to the weekend.

About a half hour later, though, the pain was very intense.  Finally, it was so bad I couldn't walk.  I let my co-workers convince me to allow an ambulance to be called.

They took me to the hospital where it seemed several thousand uncomfortable and invasive tests were taken.  Finally, a diagnosis came back.  I have appendicitis and will need to have surgery.  The surgery is schedule for, well, forty-five minutes from now.

I'm scared.  I don't want to be cut open.  Help.  I don't want to die!

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