Friday, January 18, 2013

North to Alaska

Bill and I are on the airplane now.  Soon we will be touching down in Anchorage for the first real vacation. 

Some people think that I'm crazy.  No, not for going to Anchorage in January because that is crazy, but for going with Bill.  These well-meaning people have nothing personally against him, they just think I haven't known him well enough.

Well, I wasn't going to go by myself.  And I couldn't take my friends, and I'd be mortified to take my family.  So I'm here with Bill.

He's asleep right now.  I don't want him seeing this.  It might make him feel bad.  But are we going too quickly, too soon?  I mean, a vacation is a big step, but it will be good for us, I think.  Won't it?

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