Monday, January 7, 2013

There's an App for That

I desperately need a new phone.  My old cell is, like, five years old.  It's an embarrassment to use because people will think I'm not hip on technology.  I'm going into graphic design.  I need to be hip on technology.

Bill offered to take me.  He knows more about this stuff than I do.  So we went.

I let him do all the talking.  What do I know about 4G, FG, I don't know?  Camera pixels?  Screen size?  Speed?  Well, here's what the new phone looks like.

So when we were done, Bill helped me download apps.  Or is it upload apps?  Anyway, I have one for a ton of websites.
I'm going to have to read the owner's manual.  No way I want to look as stupid in real life as I do in this journal entry. 

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