Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Blind Date Fred

Never let your mother set you up on a blind date.  It will never work out.  She'll describe him to be perfect when in fact he's, well, you'll figure it out.

What she said:  "He'd be perfect for you, Fran.  You're names sound so cute together, too.  Fran and Fred.  He's named after his grandfather, you know."

What really happened:  "I was named after Fred Flintstone which is kinda good because I sorta look like him."

What she said:  "He in a career field that's in demand."

What really happened:  "I work in sanitation maintenance.  Yep, I'm a janitor."

What she said:  "He's very polite."

What really happened:  BURP!

What she said:  "He's interested in settling down and starting a family."

What really happened:  "I hate kids."

What she said:  "He's highly educated." 

What really happened:  "I'm kinda thinkin' I should go get my GED."

What she said:  "You're both in the same place in your life."

Huh?  What, Mom?  What do you mean by that?  The same place in our lives?  What does that say about me?  Mom?  Really?  Mom, what were you thinking?


  1. Lol- great post Melina :)

  2. ugh...

    Sounds very familiar, Fran. Do you know my Mom?

  3. Oh no! Lol Come one, mom...

    Hey, so...I kinda linked your blog in my latest post (following you now from LouLou's Blog). Do you mind? I'm looking forward to keeping up with someone new! :-)

  4. Hey Fran...please do NOT forget to brag about the AWARDS you have received :). Like the Versatile Blogger Award and I also noticed a couple others. You may consider displaying them on your site. People are truly enjoying your whining.

  5. Fran,

    In the column area (right or left), or possibly at the bottom. You save the picture of the award to your hard drive and upload the picture in blogger and you can also provide a link to your blog. Or perhaps in a post...I know how you love to complain, LOL.



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