Friday, August 17, 2012

Working Women Wednesday

I try to associate with my co-workers as little as possible.  They remind me too much of work for any friendship to really be enjoyable.  But sometimes you turn down an invitation enough times you owe them one.

I went out tonight with a bunch of the SAT TV ladies for Working Women's Wednesday at a bar down the street from our office building.

Something happened while we were there, enjoying a drink and a light dinner.  The women began to talk about themselves.  But it wasn't just talking about themselves.  They were talking about their backgrounds and what brought them to SAT TV. 

All of them had stories that were oddly familiar.  They needed a job, they were deep in debt so they found what they could yet they were still deeply in debt and still dissatisfied.  What was worse was none of them had a college degree.  These women reminded me of me.  I had goosebumps listening to their stories.

They are all middle age and with my birthday coming up I am fearful of becoming like them.  I don't want to become like them  --  bitter and stuck.  I want to have a job I like and a little money in the bank.  I want to be happy, ya know?

Maybe I need to revisit that college site after all.


  1. I hear what you're saying. I think that since you feel that way, maybe the conviction to do MORE is a great start for you! Since (as you previously discussed and my newest post derived from) you aren't sure WHAT you want to do...maybe the first step is figuring that out. Once you take the first step...maybe the rest will more easily follow! My hubby is about to start a thing that's a program designed to finish your degree(if you'd already started) in about 18 months and it's one course at a time, one meeting time a week that's at night for 3 hours. Maybe something similar is around you, as far as being designed for working ppl/parents. Just something to look into! Good luck, girlie! :-)

  2. You can be the best "you" with or without college. Introspection sounds like a great first step!
    Karen @ Baking In A Tornado

  3. Just take it one class at a time each quarter and you'll be surprised how quick you can finish.

  4. I agree. It's never too late to go back to school ... on the other hand, I wasted tons of time and money in the first place. By the time I got the degree and that "big job", they weren't paying close to what I was making working from home! You can make a better life either way ... it doesn't hurt to go back for what you want to learn.


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